Digidance - The Horn (and others)

Not posted much lately so i thought i'd make up for it with a few Klubbheads related tunes & others.

Seven-Tees-Everybody on the floor (Ext Vocal)

Bang Gang - Move it (Joker Remix)

Fabulous Baker Boys-Oh Boy (Klubb kings apeiron mix)

Disco Nation-Rock Da Jam (Klubbheads Tribal Dub Jam)

Hysteric Ego-Want Love (Itchy & Scratchy Mix)

Lee Cakebread-Pitch & Drop

Ultra Nate-Desire (Klubbheads Vocal Mix)

The Mackenzie-Distorsion (Club Mix)

Best Company-Don't you forget about me (housey/trancey simple minds tune)

Mooz-In the air tonight (Jaccot house mix) (housey/trancey Phil Colins tune)



The Shaker - Mooncat (Delirious Dj Remix)

I'm a big fan of  'The Shaker'.. aka Pete Bones. Just love his works and this remix is a tuneeee!! imho. If anybody has a rip of The Shaker - Arthur low/Melon Kolic, i would appreciate it if you could drop a link in the chat box. Cheers..Ste.


Qkumba Zoo - The Child Inside

Another our lass is fond of, rather strange name for the artist 'Qkumba Zoo'(cucumber zoo, wtf?..lol)
Anyhow here's 2 Junior Vasquez mixes. Firstly the piano dub which i quite like myself..and secondly the club mix.                                    

Miss White - Chains

Under orders to post 1 of our lasses fave tunes..haha! So here it is ..a little vocal house from '98 on 'The White Disc' label. Aint it great to be loved..lol

Kamasutra - Storm In My Soul (Dreaming Time Mix)

My second posting of Kamasutra's 'storm in my soul'. This time it's the 16 minutes long 'Dreaming time' remix. Tuneeeeeeee!!!!!!


Kings of Tomorrow vs. Deux

From 2002 here is 'deux-deux' with the acapella of 'kings of tomorrow-finally'


Progressive Maniacs - Gonna Get Up

Dj Rpm - Bring That Beat (Shimmy Shake)

2003 hard house tune that samples 740 Boyz 'Shimmy Shake'

Techno Age - Movin' On

Nice bit of piano here with rap from Ice T- The Hunted Child.

"No jokin' i'm sleepin' with my eyes open
Wanted for a homicide ride
The gun's still smokin', didn't know
Bang! Nine automatic, Hunted Child!!!"


Sandra - Sandra Sez

You better do as Sandra Sez!!!!

Kayashi - Furyo (Burger Queen Mix)

Nice tune here from '97. The little melody is probably best known from 'Heart of Asia (merry xmas Mr Lawrence)' by Watergate out about 2000 or so.

React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream (Light Mix)

ManMadeMan - Karmaflage (Light Remix)

Just beautifully trippy!!!!!!!!!


Wild Colour - Dreams (BT's Circadian Mix)

Nice '95 remake on 'Perfecto' of the Fleetwood Mac song.

Central Seven - God Of House

Nothing special this one. I just love to hear the "I am the god! The god of HOUSE!!!!"


Parks & Wilson - Let The Music Lift You Up

Time for a sensible posting i reckon, so here's one from '94 taken from 'The clubland ep'. "Let's all have a PARTY!!!!!!!

Cab 'n' Crew - Airport '99

Whoohaaa! She's just what i need to cure my fear of flying..hehe!

Sinatra vs jean michel jarre bootleg

I quite like this little pairing. See what u think.

Couple of Queen-Another One Bites The Dust Mixes

This first one goes on about a subliminal message "it's fun to smoke marijuana" in the song...hehe

This next one is the rhythm scholar blasted breaks remix

Queen - Bicycle Race (Junior Vasquez '91 Mix)

Whilst i'm on a strange bootleg/remix upload frenzy i thought i'd carry on with this...and a few more to follow.

BOOTLEG!!!!!! Elvis vs Dance Mission - Viva Las Vegas

Can't for the life of me remember where i got this bootleg but it's a belter imho. The King of Rock 'n' Roll really rocks the funky beats!!!! (slight unwanted noises heard due to the pella used...but still a chooon! )


Emperor Sly - Rockit

This is a stonking version of the Herbie Hancock classic. I Fooookin luv it!!!

Dr. No - Popcorn (London Underground Mix)

We all remember the 'Hot Butter' version of popcorn. This is that tune... but better from '94.

16B - Water Ride (13th Room Mix)

Here's a trancey tune i first heard on an oakey essential mix in '97. Finally managed to track it down.


Stone Roses - One Love (Utah Saints Remix)

Thought i'd post some Indie/Alternative stuff for a change, although this is a dance remix.